China Wi-Max Communications, Inc., a Denver, Colorado-based telecommunications company formed to exploit the booming Chinese broadband market, has announced a comprehensive strategy to leverage its network foothold in Beijing.

The Founder and Chairman, Dr. Allan Rabinoff, said he was pleased to announce this offering of wireless broadband to customers in Beijing and that the initiative would be led by President and CEO Steven T. Berman. Rabinoff went on to say that Mr. Berman would “play a critically important role in the successful execution of our growth strategy.”

Mr. Berman brings his vast 20 years of business and legal experience in many aspects of telecommunications to bear in executing this bold new strategy. Mr. Berman is a bar-certified attorney, having received his Doctorate at the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1987, and has diverse background experience as a practicing attorney.

Mr. Berman was appointed President and CEO 8 months ago, and has a decade of experience with The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC), a co-op dedicated to advancing telecommunications infrastructure in rural America. His proven track record includes the launch of such telecom innovations as DirectTV and WildBlue. He also served as Senior V.P., Business Affairs and was General Counsel for NRTC, acting on both the business and legal end of the cooperative and overseeing the relationship between its partners, customers and financial institutions.

Before coming to Wi-Max, Mr. Berman was also advisor to the President of First Capital Surety and Trust Company (formerly Morgan Chase Trust), where he salvaged the $200- million bank and trust company, remolding it into a sector leader.

Wi-Max has access to large chunks of the 5.8GHz spectrum in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai through its partners. The plan is to begin in Beijing, where it will use wireless receivers on top of a customer’s building to connect to the company’s fiber network from anywhere within 10 miles. With further opportunities to expand into China’s ten top cities, Wi-Max anticipates explosive growth throughout first and second tier markets.