On the markets today all charts was at fantastic movements. The dollar continues to suffer after ChinaÂ’s signal to change the huge dollar reserve into better currency than the dollar. It seems that power of the dollar as world currency is over. The dollar breaks above 1.47 for EUR and 2.10 with the GBP. At the same time the Gold jump with $20 just for couple of hours the crude oil break $98 and is on the way to test the psychological level of $100. The key world finance figures are not worries with the market situation. It is their normal reaction, reaction that will set many companies, investors and people in deep crisis. The next targets forecasts by World-Signals.com of EURUSD is 1.50 very sure to happen and GBPUSD at 2.15 while the Gold to jump above $860 and the Crude at $102 in a week time.