China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a manufacturer, retailer and distributor of pharmaceutical preparations, traditional Chinese medicines, natural health products and medical equipment in northeastern China. The company is one of the fastest growing drug retailers in China. The company recently announced four people were appointed to its board of directors as independent directors. The four new members are: Mr. Hal Lieberman, Ms. Laura Philips, Mr. Bing Li and Mr. Jingang Wang.

Mr. Lieberman has served as the president and CEO of Hemo Therapeutics, a health services company since 2006. From 1998 to 2006, Mr. Lieberman served as a consultant and director on the boards of a variety of health care and medical device companies. He is also a member of the American College of Health Care Administrators and serves as an advisor to the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Ms. Philips serves as a consultant and director of various strategic consulting and biotech and start-up companies. She served as the COO and acting CFO of NexGenix Pharmaceuticals from November 2003 to May 2006. She held manager and project/program director positions for Corning Inc. from June 1997 to August 2002. Ms. Philips also served as the senior policy advisor to the US Department of Commerce in 1996.

Mr. Li has held a number of positions since 1999. He serves as the general manager of Jilin Province Yinjian Small & Medium Enterprises Credit Guaranty Company Ltd., the vice-chairman of the board of directors of Changchun JLU Technology Park Construction and Development Company Ltd. and the Deputy Managing Director of Jilin Province Intelligentization Committee.

Mr. Wang has been the executive director for CoSci Med-Tech Company Ltd. since 2003. From June 2002 to May 2003, Mr. Wang worked as the executive director in Beijing Lingtainbicheng Medicine Technology Company Ltd. He also served as the deputy general manager and assistant general manager of Mudanjiang Lingtai Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd. from October 1998 to June 2002.

China Yongxin believes that their combined experience in operating and board capacities for companies in China and the United States will be useful. In addition, their experience with various aspects of the healthcare industry in both countries will be of great assistance in guiding the company’s growth plans over the coming years.