ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc., an online technology and software provider which has, since its inception in 2003, led the field in full-service media development for small and medium enterprises (SME’s), today announced the appointment of a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Mr. Hongli Xu will be taking the job of CTO at ChinaNet. CEO of ChinaNet, Mr. Handong Cheng, proclaimed that “he will provide critical leadership as we continue to elevate ChinaNet’s position in the Chinese media and advertising markets”.

Cheng went on to extol the appointment, saying of the candidate that “Mr. Xu brings over two decades of experience in the internet and software development industry in various sectors”.

With two years as head of development and management of an entire suite of software products for ThinkingPower Technology Co., Ltd. – a company working in broadcast and television markets via e-government software applications – Mr. Xu has the experience necessary to execute the difficult task of bringing harmony to private and governmental software services integration.

For two more years Mr. Xu was over at Acer Digital Services (China), where he led subsidiaries’ internet product development. Another two years as Project Manager at Colored Ribbons Information System Co., Ltd, developing business applications solutions and other software products, are among his ample qualifications to satisfy the role of CTO for ChinaNet.

Mr. Xu brings 20 years of proven technology innovation in internet software solutions to ChinaNet, notably creating China’s first business-to-business (B2B) website “”. Mr. Xu received his Bachelor’s in Software from Dalian University of Technology.

ChinaNet utilizes a multi-platform network for advertising consisting of China-Net TV, a website (, and a newly launched series of bank kiosk units primarily for clients in finance. With a large data management platform for ad tracking, monitoring and user feedback, ChinaNet is a dominant figure in China’s burgeoning marketplace of online advertising and software.