In the eyes of an increasingly uneasy internet-savvy society, China's Communist Party is anxious to bolster its legitimacy as it celebrates its 90th anniversary on Friday.

In the wake of an Arab Spring, Chinese leadership is extra careful to hammer home a message that only the party could have engineered as China emerges as the world's second-largest economy.  The campaign leading up to Friday's celebration has included a revamped, airbrushed version of the party's rise and China's modern history.

It seems to be working.  Despite several protests, many Chinese are literally singing the party's praises and membership rolls have reached a new high.

Propaganda czars have ensured that China's checkered history under the Communist Party appears picture perfect, overseeing the production of a star-studded feature film on the party's founding.  But that's not all. They have instituted a thick new history book on the first three decades in power, countless exhibitions, television shows, editorials, and massive revolutionary singing pageants.

Here's a look at some of the pageantry surrounding the Communist Party of China's 90th anniversary: