Chinese President Hu Jintao said Saturday the nation needs a better social management system to ensure harmony and stability as the country is in a stage where many conflicts are likely to arise.

Hu made the comments in a high level meeting with Chinese officials in Beijing, according to state news agency Xinhua. Among the specific issues mentioned were migrants, food and drug safety, work-related safety and emergency response capabilities, along with the need to better manage virtual society and public opinions on the internet.

He also mentioned the health care sector, housing supply, poverty, the social security system, and welfare for women, children, aged and disabled people.

He said there was a need to build a socialist social management system with Chinese characteristics, aiming to safeguard people's rights and interests, promote social justice, and sustain sound social order.

Hu said that while China had seen remarkable social and economic development and growth in its overall national strength, the country is still in a stage where a many conflicts are likely to arise. There are still many problems in social management.

Unhealthy practices that could harm the rights and interests of the people must be corrected resolutely, he said.

He called to improve the management service for the migrant population and other special groups through a national database, a better system for dynamic administration for the population in reality and through improving policies.

Grass-roots level improvements should take place to ensure food and drug safety, work-related safety, social order and emergency response capabilities, he said according to the report.

He also called for better management of the virtual society and better guidance of public opinions on the Internet, the report said.

Development should accelerate in various social sectors he said, including education, employment income distribution, and the social security system covering urban and rural residents, he said.

We must make sure that all people will benefit from the development, Hu said.