China's A-share total net profit in 2007 reached 949.7 billion Yuan (135.7 US dollar), 49.86 percent higher than the prior year; the average earnings per share reached 0.42 Yuan, up 49.71 percent, according to the report of China Securities News Press on Tuesday.

Today is the legal deadline for listed companies to disclosure the 2007 Annual Reports. According to the statistics of China Securities News Press's data center, 1,573 companies listed Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange in both have disclosed the report except two.

The 1,573 companies in 2007 achieved the total operating income of 9.45 trillion Yuan, up 25 percent than 2006. Among these, the non-financial companies total investment income reached 96.79 billion Yuan, increased 121.24 percent, accounting for 11.46 percent of total profits.

In addition, the report also said as of April 28, a total of 1,125 public companies listed in both stock markets published their first quarter report of 2008, showing that the companies' profits growth speed is slowing down.