Over 222 small and medium-sized public companies listed in China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange gained an average operating income by 308 million Yuan ($44 mln) in the first quarter, up 35.32 percent than the same period of last year, Xinhua news agency reported on April 30.

The companies also gained an average net profit of 20.33 million Yuan, up 36.81 percent; and the average earnings per share reached 0.12 Yuan, net capital gains rate reached 2.88 percent, Xinhua added.

At the same time, these companies also disclosed the 2007 Annual Report, which shows that in 2007 they achieved an annual average revenue by 1.11 billion Yuan, increased 30.12 percent; an average net profit of 83.33 million Yuan, up 38.15 percent; and an average earnings per share by 0.51 Yuan.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange's experts said that the small and medium-sized companies operating performance keeping a sustained and stable growth, the compound annual growth rate of operating income in recent three-year reached 31.1 percent, and the compound annual growth rate of net profits reached 34.21 percent.