Piece by piece, the Chinese are taking over the world. I thought our creditors would wait a decade or two before taking such strict actions, but then again it is their money and they can collect when they wish. It appears nothing is sacred - even our satire laced websites have been bought out. The Onion now appears to be controlled by a Chinese entity - and with that goes my #1 source for finance related news.

Truly China... could you not have left us this one morsel of true American ingenuity?

Front page of Onion screen shot [click to enlarge - if you dare]


Sample video taken from site [must watch - have you seen this productive woman?]

Police Still Searching For Missing Productive, Obedient Woman

Sample news stories...

  1. Star Athlete Signs Contract for Millions of Weak US Dollars
  2. Business Report - Majority of Americans Proficient At Owing Large Sums of Money

News in Photos

  • Clear American Sky a Constant Reminder of Industrial Inferiority