Popular tourist destination Rizhao beach along China’s northern coast in Shandong province was recently taken over by huge amounts of seaweed that washed ashore, covering up the beach’s sandy shore with thick, lush greenery.

The piles of seaweed, also known as enteromorpha, or sea lettuce, began to amass this weekend as waves continually pushed them ashore. For locals curious as to what to do with the abundant amounts of seaweed, the news-blog The Shanghaiist says that it is a completely edible food source that's rich in magnesium and other nutrients.  


The green bays were generally viewed as welcome news this year. However, not all recent news about water sources in China has been good: Some of these water sources turned a variety colors due to pollution, and, if left undisturbed, their decomposing sea flora can emit fumes that are potentially dangerous to humans, particularly in large amounts.

Similar tidal currents are expected in Qingdao, another famous beach city in the coastal province of Shandong, and they will likely bring more waves of seaweed ashore.


The beach above remained open as usual to tourists, and it drew in some who came specifically the green-carpeted beaches.