The Dragon Year has already arrived and before you join the festivities, we suggest you go through this list of things that you should do to make the most of the New Year!

1. Re- Organize Your Home or Office: Re-organize your home or your office before the New Year arrives! Hang a sweet pea plant - the favorite flower of the Dragon - outside your door or window to please the mystical spirit. You can also follow Chinese Feng Shui practices and hang red banners, which symbolize luck and happiness in China, with New Year messages of good luck at the main entrance of your house or office to expect happiness in your life.

However, you are advised to not clean your house or office for the first few days of the New Year as the Chinese believe that sweeps away your good luck.

2. Keep Your Windows Open: The New Year is a period when you should keep the windows of your house open to invite happiness and new opportunities inside and allow the past to leave.

3. Prepare the Lucky Chinese Food: Don't forget to prepare traditional Chinese dishes, as these are believed to bring prosperity and peace and happiness to your life. Check out the list of foods to be prepared:

Noodles with vegetables - for long life,

Fish - for prosperity and abundance,

Fresh fruits, candy, peanuts and chocolate - for wealth,

Apples - for peace,

Chicken - for wealth and togetherness,

Dumplings, egg rolls, tofu - for wealth and lots of luck,

Lotus root - good relationships,

Rice - permanent prosperity, and

Mustard greens - for agricultural production.

However, you should prepare the food before the Dragon brings the New Year, since, according to an age-old Chinese myth, all knives must be kept away on the day of celebration as knives can cut off the good luck the New Year brings.

4. Choose the Right Color to Wear to Invite the Dragon: Black is the color for this year; the Dragon loves black. You should wear new clothes to welcome the New Year but do not spend money on that day, warn Feng Shui experts, as that might result in spending money throughout the year.

5. Provide Gifts for Your Family and Share a Meal with Them: Make sure you spend the festive day with family members. Give them brightly colored dragon pens, dragon cups or small red envelopes available in the Chinatown locality of your city. You can also opt for a famous Chinese gift - Lai See - which are small red and gold envelopes containing money and signifying prosperity and good luck. Remember though, Lai See is given only from a senior to a junior. You should also decorate your tables with candles and share your meal with family members. Avoid talking about the past.