Xin Yang, 22, a female Chinese graduate student at Virginia Tech University was killed Wednesday night.

She was stabbed viciously and decapitated by Haiyang Zhu who is on custody now.

At approximately 7:00 pm Wednesday, Xin Yang, was killed at an Au Bon Pain cafe on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, university officials said.

Haiyang Zhu, a 25-year-old male graduate student at Virginia Tech, was charged of first-degree murder and was being held at a county jail without bail Thursday morning on a brief hearing in Montgomery County General District Court.

According to officials, witnesses said Zhu attacked her with a knife and decapitated her. A record also claims that Yang listed Zhu as an emergency contact on official Virginia Tech records.

Both show that Xin Yang native of Beijing, China and Haiyang Zhu from Ningbo, China, knew each other.

But Yang had been at the university for only two weeks to begin her studies in accounting. Zhu was studying for a doctorate in agriculture and applied economics since the fall of 2008.