As the alleged Mayan Apocalypse on Dec. 21 draws near, people around the world are preparing for the worst, no matter how unlikely it is that tragedy will strike that day.

However bad the supposed apocalypse gets this time around, one farmer in China believes he has the perfect solution to any problem. Liu Qiyuan created seven so-called survival pods designed to weather all eventualities, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and even Mayan Apocalypses, according to the Daily Mail.

Each featuring a fiberglass shell around a steel frame, the survival pods are able to accommodate 14 people with enough food, water, and oxygen to survive for more than four months. 

“The pods are designed to carry 14 people at a time, but it’s possible for 30 people to survive inside for at least two months,” Liu noted.

The pods, which are airtight, are designed to float and stay upright in water. Some are even equipped with their own propulsion systems. 

"The pod won’t have any problems even if there are 3,000-foot high waves -- it's like a pingpong ball, its skin may be thin but it can withstand a lot of pressure,” Liu told Agence France-Presse via Russia's

Each pod cost Liu roughly $48,000, placing their inventor in a large amount of debt.

“I worked for many years without saving much money … invested most of my money in the pods, because it’s worth it, it’s about saving lives,” Liu said.

He hopes that not only will the pods come in handy and possibly save his life, but that the Chinese government might be interested in purchasing the pods and his designs.

While the pods were built in advance of the so-called Mayan Apocalypse, they are designed for multiple eventualities, meaning they could be used as emergency shelters after earthquakes, floods, and other massively disruptive events.

“If there really is some kind of apocalypse,” Liu said, then you could say I’ve made a contribution to the survival of humanity.