Chipotle recently announced it would be adding organic tofu to its menus, exciting news for vegans and vegetarians eager to participate in the Chipotle experience.

The meatless protein option can be added to burritos, tacos, bowls and salads and is made with chipotle chillies, roasted poblanos and spices, reports The Daily Mail. The tofu will cost the same price as the chicken option.

Though it will soon be available in resturant branches nationwide, Chipotle is first rolling out the new menu addition in Boston and New York, starting on March 3. It will then be released in stores throughout the U.S. But NYC and Boston aren’t the first two cities to experience the new dish. Customers in San Francisco, Baltimore and Philadelphia have already had a chance to test the shredded tofu.

According to Chipotle, a sofritas burrito with brown rice and no accompaniments is 645 calories. This is compared to the 680 calories in the chicken version or 690 calories in the steak version of the same burrito.