width=300Chopard is one of the most successful and icon diamond jewelry brands that the world has to offer. Everything about this jewelry house marks it as the pinnacle of fashion. From their distinctive and elegant design to their expert craftsmanship and supreme materials, Chopard is in the business of creating lifestyle jewelry and timepiece designs. With a tradition of jewelry craft that stretches back nearly half a century, Chopard has perfected the art of diamond jewelry fashion.The Happy Diamonds collection is what kicked off their rise to popularity in the jewelry world, and these designs are still as fresh and exciting today as they were decades ago. By bezel setting individual round diamonds and sandwiching them between two clear sapphire crystals, Chopard created one of the most innovative, dynamic and beautiful jewelry styles in history. As the wearer moves, the floating diamonds dance around freely between the sapphire panes catching light and sparkling. This simple concept has carried throughout Chopard's timepiece and jewelry catalog all the way up to the present.

While the brand regularly introduces new creations, the majority of these designs incorporate the floating diamond concept in reimagined styles. While their creativity is still robust, some of the most popular pieces in Chopard's collection remain the classic styles that solidified the brand as a leader in the industry. This provides the brand's collectors with a level of continuity and flexibility as they are able to wear old pieces with new styles and can feel good about passing this jewelry on to future generations.