People close to “Loyal” singer Chris Brown are reportedly worried about him as they think that he is addicted to sizzurp, a concoction made out of prescription-strength cough syrups and sugary sodas. TMZ reported the story Tuesday, saying that such an addiction might complicate things for Brown, who currently has joint custody of his daughter Royalty with her mother Nia Guzman.

Brown’s addiction to sizzurp has been getting worse over the last few weeks and sources told TMZ on Tuesday that he has started consuming sizzurp in front of one-year-old daughter Royalty. The TMZ report also showed a picture of Brown and his friends over the weekend at a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles, where he took his daughter to buy a pumpkin. The photo showed a double-stacked red cup near his feet and another cup behind him.

TMZ also posted a video, which was reportedly taken from a birthday party for his friend Tyga’s son. Brown was reportedly seen drinking from a double cup while he rode a bicycle while another man reportedly walked to him with a bottle of codeine and soda. The TMZ report also suggested that the group of men looked like they were mixing the concoction in the parking lot.

However, Brown has dismissed everyone’s concern about him by calling it "bulls---," TMZ reported, adding that people close to him are worried that he may lose custody of Royalty due to his addiction.

Brown and Guzman settled their custody battle in September after a long-running feud. However, another TMZ report from September, which reported the custody battle, said that Brown was told to submit a drug test during the custody hearing and the results showed the presence of codeine and marijuana in his system. However, he was let go because he had a prescription for both the drugs.

The custody settlement stated that Brown would pay Guzman $2,500 a month and $15,000 in back support. Brown, who will get to have Royalty for 12 days in a month, will also pay for Royalty’s schooling, health insurance, medical bills and nannies, the report said. Brown is rumored to be dating his former girlfriend Rihanna after model Karrueche Tran broke up with him for cheating on her.