Chris Brown and Drake are reportedly suing each other over their June 2012 fight at the New York City nightclub, W.i.P.

TMZ reports that the dual suits come after French model Romain Julien filed suit against the entertainers and the club for injuries he supposedly sustained during the bottle-throwing brawl.

Julien claims he suffered a severed tendon in his right hand, lacerations from broken glass, cosmetic deformity and mental distress due to the fight, according to MTV News.

Drake and Brown’s legal orders both place blame on the other, indicating that the other should be fully liable for the suit in the event that Julien wins, TMZ details.

Despite the suits, criminal charges have not been filed against anyone involved in the fight that occurred June 14. Rumors suggest that Drake and Brown were fighting over Bajan pop superstar Rihanna.

Brown notably suffered lacerations to his face in the fight. Several other parties were also injured and have also filed suits of their own, including NBA player Tony Parker, who sued the club for $20 million under pretenses that he suffered a corneal laceration in his left eye among other injuries, MTV details.

Two unnamed women have also filed suit against the club for injuries they supposedly sustained.

W.i.P is in turn also suing Brown and Drake, alleging that both "ordered security personnel, bodyguards, friends and entourages to join the fight, which erupted into a violent brawl on a massive scale."

Images of the club in the aftermath of the fight show copious amount of broken glass on the floor, as well as several overturned lamps and disheveled ottomans.