Chris Brown has finished a court-ordered domestic violence course, according to Access

 He recently tweeted a picture of the certificate which read, “This certificate is presented to Christopher Brown For Completion of the Fifty-Two Week Domestic Violence Course of Commonwealth Catholic Charities.

im done with class, he added.

Chris Brown got in to trouble after assaulting his girlfriend singer Rihanna in February 2009 after a pre-Grammy awards party. He was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community labour for his assault.

The class is the second part of his sentence, which the singer was slapped with after he pleaded guilty to felony assault in 2009.

The singer can be justly proud of his behavior post the charges as he was even praised by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg for adhering to the conditions of his probation sentence. She was impressed with his hard work during his community labour, according to Access Hollywood. His progress report from the domestic violence class was also impressive, reports the website.

Just after the sentencing, Chris Brown had rendered a public apology to Rihanna which he posted on Youtube. Later, on Larry King Live, he said that it is tough for him to look at the famous photograph released of Rihanna's battered face, which may be the one image that will haunt and define him forever. Brown even admitted that he still loves her.

I'm pretty sure we can always be friends, said Brown, and I don't know about our relationship, but I just know definitely that we ended as friends.”

Chris Brown has made it to top 100 hits of Billboard many times. He sold 2 million copies of his first album, Chris Brown, in the United States in 2005. His other albums  Graffiti and The Forever Edition  were released in 2008. In May 2010, Brown released a mix tape titled Fan of A Fan.

In September 2010 while hosting radio station KPEZ, Brown announced that his fourth studio album would be titled F.A.M.E., which stands for ‘Forgiving All My Enemies’.