Chris Brown has invited former lover Rihanna to accompany him for legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant’s final game at Staples Center in Los Angeles in April 2016, Hollywood Life reported Tuesday. The former couple recently worked together for a new song.

“He [Brown] misses chopping it up with Rihanna at the games like they’ve done so many times in the past,” a source close to Brown told Hollywood Life. “Kobe is one of Chris’ idols! Chris’ Christmas would be complete if Rihanna accepted the offer. Watching her smile and eat popcorn out the palm of his hands while watching Kobe play in his last season would be a dream come true for Breezy,” the insider told the entertainment website.

The two recently worked together for Brown’s new song “Counterfeit,” which is included on his new mixtape "Before the Party" released Nov. 27. Rihanna and Brown previously collaborated for Brown's song "Turn Up The Music," and he helped her remix her song "Birthday Cake." They were also seen together for "Bad Girl' and "Nobody's Business.”

It was reported in September that 27-year-old Rihanna still considered Brown the “love of her life.” “Rihanna used to rule s--- out, saying she won’t do this or that. But those days are over. She’s wiser and knows that anything can happen. She hasn’t shut the door on Chris Brown. He’s the love of her life. She especially loves that he’s maturing and has become a loving father. Only time will tell if they’re meant to be,” a source reportedly said at the time.