Chris Brown has a proposal for the Australian government, who ruled Monday that he may not be allowed to tour the country. The "Liquor" singer is in danger of being denied a visa due to his criminal past, specifically a violent incident between him and then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Brown, 26, is speaking out amid the controversy, which will have a major effect on his upcoming world tour. 

In a series of messages posted to his Twitter, the R&B singer suggested he could use his celebrity to educate his Australian fans. He said he "would be more than grateful" to spread awareness about the issue of domestic violence. Brown added that his experience should be utilized as a "wake-up call" for others in similar situations, rather than being used to ostracize him further. He ended his string of tweets by saying kids today don't want to hear important messages from their parents, or public service announcements, but that they might listen to a celebrity. 

As we previously reported, it was initially believed that Australian authorities had denied Brown entry. Peter Dutton, the immigration minister of Australia, concluded that the Grammy award winner could not enter the country based on standards of character, stemming from the incident in which Brown is said to have attacked Rihanna, 27. It was later revealed by the Mirror that his visa request has not been denied, though that still could happen. Brown's publicist has since addressed the controversy, expressing a hope that Australia will see the strides the singer has made since the domestic violence incident. 

Brown was initially slated to visit Australia in December, for his "One Hell of a Nite" tour. He and his camp were issued a "notice of intention to consider refusal." As such, he now has 28 days to prove to the Australian immigration team that he should be allowed to come. Despite the uncertainty, tickets for the Australian leg of his tour went on sale Monday, according to News.Com.Au.