Chris Brown has been involved in an on-and-off spat with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran ever since the two parted ways. Brown performed during Sunday’s iHeartRadio Awards and Tran’s presence at the show made him believe that the model was actually stalking him, Hollywood Life reported Monday.

Tran and Brown escaped a close run-in at the red carpet as the “Loyal” singer reportedly arrived just moments after Tran. But, the 26-year-old thinks that Tran was present at the event because she knew Brown would be attending the show, according to Hollywood Life.

“iHeart was everything to Chris. He loved every minute of it. Too bad he had share it with Karrueche,” a source close to the rapper told Hollywood Life. “They are not cool! He doesn’t know why she has to be present at every award show or event that she knows damn well he’s attending. He low key feels like she’s stalking him.”

Brown and Tran have been feuding since the 27-year-old model broke up with him after she came to know he had fathered a child with model Nia Guzman. Tran wants Brown to leave her alone “forever.” A photographer asked Tran last month if she would get back with Brown. “Nope,” Tran casually told the Hollywood Fix paparazzo before getting in the car.

Tran also wants to polish her image amid her ongoing tiff with Brown. 

“It’s very important at this point because I’m a businesswoman and I need to present myself in the best way possible. Unfortunately, people know me for certain other things that they’ve seen in the media, or whatever it is, so now it’s very important for me to show my personality and show the woman I am and the woman I’m growing to be,” Tran told