Chris Brown's upcoming trip to Canada may be solely for leisure -- that is, if several Toronto residents get their way. 

The "China Doll" singer had previously faced a flurry of protests regarding his participation in the Energy Rush music festival being held in Halifax on Aug. 31. That booking sparked a petition to have him removed from the show's lineup with more than 11,000 people signing the document.

With all the negative press surrounding the star, the founder of the company putting on the singer's July 26 performance at the Kool Haus in Toronto said that the show may now be put on hold. 

Baljot Saral, founder of Sky High Productions, told the Toronto Star that the company is debating picking “a time when there’s more quietness in the industry and where it’s not a lot of bashing on him [Brown].”

Four major sponsors have backed out of the Energy Rush festival due to Brown being included in the festival's lineup. 

“It’s a lot of bad press. They don’t want to tarnish their own name,” Saral said about the sponsors who withdrew support of the Halifax festival.

“I guess that’s also maybe the reason why we’re looking to reschedule. Just let things cool off and we’re still up for doing business with him.”

Sky High Production's concert with Brown still stood as of July 16, but the company plans to make a final decision “within the next day or so.”

Sural says that moving the concert would be purely strategic and that it has nothing to do with Brown's public persona. He feels it would be more beneficial for the Kool Haus show to be moved, especially since Brown will be returning to Toronto a month later for the Energy Rush festival. 

“Regardless of what the news says about him, he’s still legitimate for business,” Sural added.

He has been guaranteed that Brown will have no issues crossing over the Canadian border and says that tickets sales for the show remain strong.

Brown's probation was revoked by a judge on Monday as the result of a hit-and-run accident in which he was possibly involved.

The singer was not ordered to jail after the ruling. His next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 16.