A judge on Monday revoked the probation of singer Chris Brown, who was convicted in 2009 of beating his then girlfriend, Rihanna, after reviewing a hit-and-run case the singer was involved with in May, reports said. 

Brown now faces possible jail time, but will remain free until a trial is held, CNN reported.

“I did everything I was suppose to do during the so called hit n run, I provided the correct info. There were no injuries or damages. C'mon!!” Brown wrote on his Twitter account, displeased with the judge’s decision to revoke his probation.

“My cross is heavy but God gives me the strength to carry it,” he added.

Brown’s probation was revoked following an incident on May 21, when he allegedly rear-ended another vehicle, and refused to provide the correct insurance information. Olga Gure, the woman whose car was hit, told police officials at the time that Brown screamed at her and called her a b**ch, according to CNN.

The trigger for Brown’s fury, according to the report, was when Gure took a photograph of Brown and his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, to document the incident. 

"I was so shocked, that I was speechless," Gure told CNN at the time. "Just a moment ago he was a nice guy. After screaming some insulting nonsense for a while longer, he slammed a door and drove away fast and noisy."

It is yet to be seen if Brown will be sent to prison, for his representative told CNN, on Monday, that they are hoping charges against the singer would be dropped, and probation reinstated. "We are hopeful that the case will be dismissed next week," the representative told CNN.

The case is expected to be heard in court in Van Nuys, Calif., on July 23, according to CBS News.