Chris Brown is making news, and it has nothing to do with Rihanna. It appears as though Brown turned into Banksy and created huge graffiti murals outside of his Los Angeles, Calif., home, drawing the ire of neighbors.

Brown’s graffiti art, several ghost-like blobs with menacing mouths, appear to be nightmare versions of the ghosts from the “Pac-Man” video game. TMZ first reported on the unauthorized art, and they believe that it’s from Brown’s own hand, as the Grammy Award-winning singer is known to be a talented artist. His artistic side was given a nod in his third album, titled “Graffiti,” which features similar artwork on the cover.

Brown’s large graffiti mural is not being treated as artwork that should be appreciated or admired, as neighbors have filed complaints against the singer. The art on Brown’s Hollywood Hills home is apparently scaring neighborhood children, the Los Angeles Times reports. Patti Negri, president of the Hollywood Dell Civic Association, said of the work to the L.A. Times, “It's like devils on the wall -- big scary eyes and big scary teeth and just the whole vibe is not what we're used to.”

The complaints have led to Los Angeles city code officials to charge Brown with unpermitted and excessive signage. Brown has 30 days to remove the red, pink, white and brown ghosts from his home’s wall. Brown could also face a $375 fine that could increase if Brown does not comply with the city code ordinance.

Brown has, naturally, commented about the artwork embroglio on Twitter. Brown retweeted the Associated Press article that cites Negri’s comments and added the tweet below.



Brown’s next Twitter missive also discusses his life’s philosophy on art, stating “Lords of Dogtown” as an inspiration and refusing to put down the paintbrushes or spray paint cans.