New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wasted no time Tuesday night before launching an all-out attack against Hillary Clinton, reverting into prosecutorial mode to "present the facts" to convention-goers. Christie rattled off a number of instances where he said Hillary's Clinton's "flawed judgment" contributed to a growing threat against the United States.

"This election is not just about Donald Trump," Christie started off by saying. "It's about his Democratic opponent."

Christie said because "the Justice Department refused to prosecute her," he would prosecute her Tuesday night in Cleveland with the audience being the jury. After presenting the "facts," the former federal prosecutor told the crowd at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to "render your verdict tonight on the basis of the facts."

In various instances of "bad judgement" having to do with negotiations in Libya, Nigeria, China, Libya, Iran, Russia, Cuba and "here at home," Christie and the audience found Clinton to be "guilty."

The crowd in turn chanted in unison, "Lock her up, lock her up."

"She never fights for us," Christie continued. "She doesn't get the real threat that America faces."

On Russia, he said, Clinton gave them that "stupid, symbolic reset button" that should have said "delete -- she's very good at that, by the way. ... She deleted in four years the safety we built in 40 years."

Christie, whose speech noticeably strayed from the night's theme of "Make America Work Again," arrived to the convention as an also-ran after missing out on becoming Donald Trump's vice presidential pick, something that he admitted "disappointed" him.

“When it was clear that Donald wanted me to compete for this job and to be considered, I wanted to win, of course you do. But it’s not like my lifetime dream is to be vice president of the United States,” Christie said on CNN. “So I’m disappointed, no doubt I was disappointed, but I’m over it.”