Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes traditional family get-togethers and home parties. However, Chris Hemsworth’s holiday plans may not be the average home celebration since he and his family is looking to spend Christmas in a tropical environment.

The Australian actor revealed to E!News his holiday plans during the New York City premiere of his latest movie “In the Heart of the Sea.” Hemsworth mentioned that he’s looking to enjoy some relaxation time and bonding moments with his family in a beach setting.

"We still get together and go somewhere where we're on the beach," he stated. He even hinted that his family’s holiday celebration this year may potentially be “Costa Rica.”

Hemsworth’s idea of a beach Christmas holiday is also something that he and his family have been enjoying for years. He told E!News that it is was a tradition that he and his family wanted to keep. "We used to go camping every Christmas together on the beach,” he shared. “And that's how we grew up. We want to continue that as much as we can."

Meanwhile, the “Thor” actor and wife Elsa Pataky now have three children, three-year-old India Rose and one-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan. Hemsworth recently told Parade magazine that he finds himself having the happiest moments when he’s around his children. He even shared a touching moment he had with his daughter India Rose that even brought his wife to tears.

“We were in the car driving somewhere, and my little girl was in the back seat with me,” he recounted. “I was really tired, and I leaned over and I put my head on her lap, without even thinking about it. I just wanted to lie down a little bit and sleep because it was a 40-minute drive. And she started patting my head and singing a song through her pacifier... I looked at my wife, who was in the front seat, and she had tears in her eyes.”

He also mentioned during his Parade magazine interview that the touching moment he had with his daughter made him realize that children also do their part in protecting their parents.  "There’s the idea that we as parents spend all this time protecting our children," he said. "No, I think they’re protecting us. Sitting in the car with my head on her lap and her singing to me, there was this understanding of, ‘Wow, she’s looking after Dad, and that’s her job.’ You know? And that was such a joy. Oh, there’s nothing better! It was the happiest moment of my life."