Chris Pratt is getting a lot of attention after revealing a fitter body on his Instagram account Saturday. The “Parks and Recreation” actor has been developing a six-pack of his own by giving them up.

“Six months no beer,” he captioned the shirtless photo. “Kinda douchey to post this, but my brother made me.” He also added the hashtag “GOTG” to promote his coming movie, "Guardians of the Galaxy." Within two days of being posted, the image got nearly 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments from adoring fans.

“Don’t drink beer anymore!” one fan recommended. “Not douchey! Evidence of hard work and discipline ! Nice work ! :)” another added.

Even if Pratt is bashful about his selfie, “Parks & Recreation” co-star Rob Lowe tweeted the actor after his makeover.  "You CANNOT return to Pawnee like that!" he wrote.

What motivated the 33-year-old Pratt's turn toward the healthy life? He is staring in the 2014 sci-fi “Guardians of the Galaxy” alongside the gorgeous Zoe Saldana as “Peter Quill/ Star-Lord.”

It’s not the first time the actor, who is married to Anna Faris, has had to drastically slim down for a role. In 2011 he got ripped to play a Navy SEAL in “Zero Dark Thirty.”

"Being in good physical shape is the best way to combat depression. You just have endorphins running around your body. It is the best anti-depressive that there is," he told He added: "There is really no room for vanity in comedy. Comedy comes from pain and it is a lot easier to empathize with somebody who is out of shape."

“Guardians of the Galaxy,” which is based on the Marvel comic book, is set to hit theaters Aug. 1, 2014.