Reality star Chris Soules dedicated his “Dancing with the Stars” performance to fiancée Whitney Bischoff for the “memorable moments” week, he said in an exclusive clip, posted by the Stir. Soules is best known as “Prince Farming” from “The Bachelor”-- the same place he met his future wife.

“When I first met Whitney I definitely saw something in her that I really liked," the reality star said in a promo. "She was the type of person that I could see myself with from day 1." 

In a separate scene, Soules told his fiancée: “This dance tonight is going to be dedicated to you. Even though it’s been kind of a load road and crazy journey, I do feel like I’ve fallen in love.” He continued: “So if I screw up, you still have to like it, OK?” Bischoff simply giggled and said the dedication was so sweet she could cry.

Viewers were tipped off to the dedication when star shared a sneak-peek on his Instagram page days ago. “Look who dropped by to help me perfect the rumba today! I'm dedicating this week’s performance to my love @whitb624. It will be my best performance yet. @DancingABC,” he posted Friday. The photo was liked more than 62,000 times by his 646,000 followers.

It wasn’t be the first time a “DWTS” member dedicated a performance to his partner. Athlete Noah Galloway, the U.S. Army veteran who lost his left limbs while serving in Iraq, devoted his first dance to girlfriend Jamie Boyd.

“I wish Jamie could be at this dance. It’s dedicated to her. I want her to know how much I love her and how much I miss her and how much she means to me. Jamie, you’re my ‘homegrown honey,’ and this song’s for you," he told the cameras. To Galloway's shock, Boyd surprised her boyfriend and revealed herself at the show after his performance. The athlete later said he was so happy to see his girlfriend, he didn't watch any of the contestants dance after him. 

For those who are interested in seeing all the stars strut their stuff, tune in to “DWTS” Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC and don't forget to vote to make sure you're favorite celeb doesn't get sent home.

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