Just one week after announcing that she and husband John Legend are expecting their first child together Chrissy Teigen is showing off her adorable baby bump. The model shared the news of her pregnancy Oct. 12 via Instagram, revealing to followers that she and the “All Of Me” singer had been trying to conceive for quite some time. She declined to share many more details, which lead to much speculation from fans and Internet trolls.

As E! Online reported, early Sunday morning Teigen showed off her growing belly on Instagram writing that the baby was “early to the party.” The size of her belly sent commenters into a frenzy, with many suggesting that she may be expecting multiples. The speculation spilled over onto Twitter, were Teigen, 29, received multiple mentions from people suggesting it was “kinda early to be already shown [SIC] like that.” The former Sports Illustrated cover girl decided to put the rumors to bed before they could gain any traction, assuring followers that she did undergo IVF, but only had one embryo implanted at a time. She requested that everyone stop guessing, adding that she gets frequent ultrasounds and is most certainly expecting just one child.

As was reported by Vogue Teigen announced her pregnancy on Instagram, sharing a sweet black and white photo of her and her hubby sitting together on a couch. In the caption she discussed the difficult road she and Legend, 36, had to endure while trying to conceive. Teigen added that both she and Legend were "so excited" to welcome their first baby. Her Grammy award-winning husband also shared her announcement, reposting her photo and sharing it on Twitter. 

The "FABLife" host has been very open about her struggles to get pregnant, recently discussing them on the daytime TV show. According to the Daily Mail, during a September episode Teigen told co-host Tyra Banks she and Legend had been trying to conceive for several years. They eventually turned to a fertility doctor. She claimed she would have had children years ago if things had gone their way, adding that "it's been a process."