For many fashionistas shoes are just as sexy as a strapless dress, mini skirt or fitted pants that hug their curves, but famed shoemaker Christian Louboutin may have taken the sexy shoe to the next level.

Fashion lovers and shoe enthusiasts crave to get their hands on a pair of the famed red bottomed Christian Louboutin shoes and now for $1395 they can have a pair with a strong message.

Christian Louboutin has released a pair of pumps with Sex spelled out on the front with crystals. The shoes come in black and beige and are already a hit among celebrities. Sports illustrated cover girl Kate Upton, Katy Perry and Ashanti have all been spotted with the pumps on. Kate Upton and Katy Perry rocked the beige pair and Ashanti wore the black.

The Christian Louboutin pumps look to be a favorite among celebrities and they are also creating a lot of buzz over the internet. It seems that fashion bloggers either love them or hate them and readers seem to have strong opinions of them also.

I mean, it's sort of hot in a desperate, attention-grabby way, a commenter on the Huffington Post said. I'd be interested to hear if wearing the shoes gets them sex. If so, i might start a line of man sandals that say 'Kate Upton' or 'Free pizza brought to my desk.'

It seems like it's trying to force people into having a foot fetish by being super obvious, another reader said. SEX FEET. But it's weirdly insulting to men in that way like 'Hey dummy, look down here.'