Christina Aguilera gave a heartfelt performance at Etta James' funeral on Saturday in California but many were too distracted to enjoy because of the supposed blood or self-tan mishap on the singer's leg.

Aguilera, 31, was belting out a rendition of At Last for the funeral at the Greater Bethany Community Church City of Refuge in Gardena, California when photos captured a brown-ish stream running down the singer's right leg.

Almost immediately after, blogs and Twitter users assumingly identified the substance as blood or period blood running from her thigh across her shin, guessing Aguilera was having a girl emergency.

Please god tell me this is self tanner running down Christina Aguilera's leg, one Twitter user wrote.

Many Internet memes then appeared of Aguilera on Twitter, spoofing on old feminine hygiene commercials and suggesting the singer needed a tampon.

However, it can be presumed the streak was just an embarrassing self-tan error, though Aguilera has not addressed rumors.

Kourtney Kardashian defended Aguilera to those on Twitter pointing out the run trickling down her leg.

Wow Christina Aguilera's performance at Etta James' funeral gave me chills her voice is so amazing! That's what people should focus on! Kardashian tweeted, an obvious reference to the mishap.

Aguilera seemed unphased about her leaky tan during the performance, though she did attempt to wipe the stain with her revealing black blazer. Again, towards the end of her performance seen in the video from CNN at the 3:50-minute mark, Aguilera attended to the accident and casually used her left leg to smear the brown drip away.

Thankfully, a little self-tan boo-boo doesn't stop Aguilera from executing an amazing performance of her idol James' At Last.

It isn't every day that an artist can meet the person who inspired them and their career, Christina Aguilera told People. Not only did I have the incredible opportunity of meeting my idol, the legendary Ms. Etta James, but to be asked by her family to perform at her memorial was so very touching and yet bitter sweet.

James died on Jan. 20 at 73-years-old after a long battle with dementia and leukemia. Hundreds flocked to her funeral at the Inglewood Cemetery Mortuary.

Etta wasn't just any performer, she was a strong woman whose talent came from a place so deep it moved people in ways they never felt before. Losing her was, to me, like losing a part of my soul. I can only hope that she felt the love in the room as we all came together to pay tribute to her and celebrate her life as a person and as an artist. She will be deeply missed and I thank her family for allowing me such a great honor, Aguilera said.

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