Christina Aguilera might be a platinum-selling diva, but her fashion choices over the years have been less than stellar. 

Christina Aguilera's most recent fashion mishap was unsightly drips of spray tan down her leg while performing at Etta James' funeral. When the photo first leaked on the Internet, bloggers thought that Aguilera might have had some leakage of her own going on. Please god tell me this is self tanner running down Christina Aguilera's leg, one Twitter user wrote with a comical meme to accompany the post.

However, it soon was clarified that the dripping substance was self-tanner. Due to sweat, the spray tan began melting off. She sang her heart out...It was her proudest moment, a source told US Weekly of the singer's performance of James' At Last. The sweat caused her spray tan to streak. 

This is not the first time the 31-year-old singer has been scrutinized for her appearance. At the 2012 AMA Awards, Aguilera performed in a too-tight sequined Herve Leger bandage dress. Her weight had been a subject of criticism since she performed at the Michael Jackson Tribute concert in October, looking noticeably larger wearing a too-tiny leotard and fishnet stockings.

Aguilera reportedly has told her friends that she is proud of her body. She feels like she is setting an example for women and young girls, especially Latinas. She's very proud of her curves. Christina thinks she is a good role model - not everyone is super skinny and she wants girls to embrace their body type, a source told RadarOnline.

The pop star even supposedly insists that she will continue wearing skimpy clothing.It's not what you look like in a dress, it is how you feel and it is about owning your dress. If you want to wear a tight dress then own it. She says you need to be happy in your own skin the way she is happy in hers.

However, others were not so kind. Internet bloggers and gossip publications alike went crazy blasting Christina Aguilera for her outfit choices. Even Kelly Osbourne had something to say. [Christina] called me fat for so many f---ing years, reality-star Osbourne said of the fellow 5 foot 2 inch celebrity. F--- you, you're fat, too, she went on, recorded on E!'s Fashion Police show. Maybe she is just becoming the fat b---h she was born to be.

From dripping spay tan to too-tight clothing, from caked-on bronzer to cornrows, check out Christina Aguilera's worst fashion mishaps.