They like to take selfies, dream about One Direction and live vicariously through Bella from Twilight – but finding them the perfect Christmas gift might prove to be just as difficult as finding out their crush of the week. Whether you’re shopping for your daughter, sister, niece or friend, below are 7 gift ideas for every type of teen girl.



Gym girls who want to pack light will love this Kangaroo Water Bottle which features a built-in compartment to store money, keys, a gym card and anything else they need to keep close while they workout. The spout has an autoseal lid that automatically closes in between sips to prevent spills and leaks. Buy it for $12.81 at  




Does your teen have an old pair of chucks she can’t part with? The Sneaker Customization Kit might be her best bet on giving them a new life. The kit comes with five colors to give her kicks a new look – whether they’re made from leather or canvas. The kit comes with enough paint to customize 5 to 6 basic pairs of shoes or 2 to 3 extravagant pairs. Buy it at JGoods for $45.00.


Beauty Queen


Teen girls that like to put their best nail forward will appreciate this nail kit that contains everything to create the ultimate at-home nail studio. Filled with the essential tools, including a dotting tool and ombre sponge – the kit also has glitter recipes, nail polishes and other formulas to create stunning manicures. Buy it at Sephora for $65.00.




The gal that loves technology should get a kick out of this Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp. Made with LED lights, your teen can stack the lamp into whatever shape fits. The seven-piece set lights up when they are stacked together and turns off when it’s disassembled. Buy it at for $39.99.




While it may be hard to keep up with the latest digital trends, some things remain timeless. For the teen that loves to snuggle up with a classic book, the beautifully reissued Jane Austen’s classics are a great choice. Buy Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma for $51.08 at  


Science Lover


For the girl that likes to talk blood and guts, these plush toy organs will give her a leg up on her next biology exam. The toys, designed by an illustrator who has a passion for internal organs, includes all the vital ones including the brain, lungs, heart and kidney. Buy them here for $18.00 each. They also come in keychains, stickers and paper goods here.


Musically Inclined



The next Broadway starlet in your family probably never wants to part with her iPod. No worries, now she can listen to her songs even as she drifts into a mellow somber with the Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow. The soft pillow comes with built-in speaks and connects to your iPod so you can listen to your favorite tunes without headphones. Buy it at Walmart for $49.99