It clearly seems that folks are likely to hop onto the shopping wagon once again even after being done with the shopping season, according to IBM's Smarter Commerce unit, which tracked online shopping this Christmas Day.

IBM's Benchmark online retail figures saw a 16.4 percent boost on Dec. 25 over the last year, said a report by Associated Press. Online sales further rose by 10 percent as of 3 p.m. EST the very next day. Post-Christmas deals are said to contribute to the sudden step-up in sales on this particular day, which is also dubbed Mega Monday.

One of the busiest shopping days of the season also witnessed a sales spurt of 172.9 percent with an increasing number of shoppers making purchases using their iOS, Android or tablet devices. Just into 18 months after its debut, the iPad accounted for the lion's share of nearly 7 percent of all online sales on Sunday, with the iPhone and Android raking in 6.4 percent and 5 percent share of the sales. The report did not reveal data about purchases made using gift cards.

As for the new trend spotted this year, John Squire, chief strategy officer at IBM Smarter Commerce, said in a statement on Forbes, The iPad wasn't even around two years ago and now it's the leading mobile device for purchases. Android came out from nowhere last year, and now it is in third place.

Despite the weak economy, Americans are ever willing to splurge especially with e-commerce making waves this year.