The Internet has tried to kill “Pawn Stars” reality personality Chumlee, again. The “Gold and Silver Pawn Shop” worker was rumored to be dead in June, and the hoax popped up again on Wednesday. It’s unclear why the 31-year-old reality star was a target for the second time. But Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Russell, doesn’t seem to take the death rumors too seriously.

As condolences swirled on social media, the star took to Twitter to prove he was alive. "May we live long, Rich forever,” he said. Rick Harrison, Chumlee's boss and co-star on the History Channel show, also tweeted out a response to the death rumors, saying, "Breaking news: CHUMLEE IS ALIVE & WELL! He is actually filming today but we all really appreciate everyone's concern!"

It’s kind of strange that Chumlee has been the victim of multiple death hoaxes, especially since he’s reportedly in the best health of his life. When he first started “Pawn Stars,” he was 75 pounds heavier. But Chumlee told Las Vegas Review Journal that he was exercising six days a week and eating healthier.  Chumlee was inspired to get healthy after his father died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 54.

The website EBuzzd reportedly started the rumor with an article claiming that the "Pawn" star died from an apparent heart attack, and cited "sources." After the rumor started to spread on the Internet, the site soon recanted their inaccurate story. “We'd like to update our story covering the ‘passing of Chumlee.’ It appears that our sources were incorrect and as fans of Chumlee, we are happy to report that he is alive and well.”

During the first death hoax, Chumlee sent out a Vine to his fans where he said, “I’m alive!” Check it out below:

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