Chupacabra sightings are taking the Lone Star State by storm.

Texas Parks and Wildlife are trying to identify an animal that 13-year-old Carter Pope says was a chupacabra.

The teen allegedly shot the chupacabra with a firearm last weekend.

It just walked across and started shaking, slowly moving across. No hair at all on it. It's back legs were shriveled up. I mean, I honestly think it 's a chupacabra,  he told Kens5 San Antonio.

Pope is not the only one seeing chupacabras wandering Texas.

One Texas couple said they spotted a chupacabra last week.

 Employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as  wildlife biologists for over 20 years, Jack Crabtree and his wife Linda had been claimed to have seen a chupacabra on July 4 and 6, the couple told

News of the chupacabra sighting was first reported in a local paper, replete with pictures taken by the couple, and then went viral, hitting big news outlets like ABC News.

Analysts are saying the animal seen wasn't the terrifying hairy critter of Latin American lore, but just a fox or coyote with mange.

Internet and news media lambasting ensued as people laughed at the allegations about what everyone believed was a coyote.

Crabtree later reneged his claim, saying that it was all a joke.

Describing the awkward encounter Crabtree told ABC News, It was immediately clear to me it was a coyote with a severe case of mange. It was obviously sick.

Here's a video of the beast. You decide.