The late WWE wrestler Joanie “Chyna” Laurer filmed an episode of E!’s plastic surgery reality show "Botched" before her ultimately death April 20, Dr. Terry Dubrow told Entertainment Tonight Online during a red carpet interview Monday. The star was slated to appear on the Season 3 premiere, but the show might not air her surgery after her tragic death.

The doctor, who specializes in reconstructive surgery, was not sure if fans would see Chyna on the series. “We’re being very sensitive to what happened,” Dubrow said. “We’re waiting for sort of the smoke the clear, but I can tell you that Chyna was wonderful. She was going through a really good phase of her life when she was on ‘Botched,’ and I think we helped her to get some places, but unfortunately things happen.”

She reportedly wanted to stage a comeback to wrestling. "The goal was she has to go in gets her health, she triumphs, she wins," her manager and longtime friend Anthony Anzaldo told People magazine Saturday. She was filming a documentary called, “The Reconstruction of Chyna.” "That was going to be her ‘Rocky’ ending to this amazing documentary,” Anzaldo said about Chyna getting back in the ring. She was eight months into filming the documentary.

Chyna died at age 46 after a possible overdose. She self-medicated with the sleep aid Ambien and a form of Valium that is used to treat anxiety. Anzaldo called it an “accidental overdose” and wanted people to know she did not commit suicide.

But Anzaldo’s proclamation might not hold much weight when the toxicology report comes back. She was apparently taking more than just Ambien and Valium, TMZ wrote Saturday. She mixed at least four prescription pills. It will take several weeks for a toxicology report to confirm what she ingested.

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