Despite criticism, “I Bet” singer Ciara continues to allow her son, Future Zahir, to spend time with her new boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The couple has been dating since April, and Future Zahir’s father, a rapper who shares the same name as his son, publicly said he does not want his child around the football star. But Ciara continues to ignore his protests. Most recently, Ciara, Wilson and Future Zahir went furniture shopping together, blogger Terez Owens wrote Monday.

Ciara and Wilson were spotted by a fan who was in a store. The Twitter user, Magali Valdez, posted a video of the couple to social media Saturday. “That right there is fr------ Russell Wilson,” Valdez said in the clip. “I just went and met him and he’s with Ciara.” The singer can be seen tossing “Juicy Man,” as her son is also known, into the air.



Valdez said she tried to get a picture with him, but the football star refused since he was “in a hurry.” The fan excitedly added that she shook hands with Wilson. The post was shared and liked dozens of times on Twitter.

“I'm dying!! Just met @DangeRussWilson!! Go check out my snap chat,” Valdez wrote after the encounter. “Super nice guy. Didn't want to take a picture but took the time to meet us. Love you @DangeRussWilson!”

After Wilson signed an $87 million contract with the Seahawks, he said that he wanted to buy a house, as long as his agent, Mark Rodgers, would let him. "I'll probably end up buying a house now," he said on the radio show-KWSN in early August, according to Business Insider. "My agent Mark would never let me get a house until I signed a deal. So that will be the first thing I get...I was in the renting process. Now I think I can finally buy a home." Terez Owens surmised he bought the house and was filling it up with new furniture.

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