Cinnabar Ventures, Inc., based in Fort Meyers, FL, announced earlier today that the next generation of “Yippy”, V.90, is now available on their website. Yippy is the world’s first family friendly cloud computing solution. To describe Yippy further, it is the world’s first fully-functioning virtual computer that operates on a cloud-based worldwide LAN.

Tapping into Yippy means that virtually every computer, including PDA’s and notebooks can be accessed as if it were a computer terminal. By using Cinnabar’s Application Service Environment (ASE) or Web Operating System (OS), Yippy provides parents with a family friendly “cloud” environment. The announcement highlighted several of the features that come with the free version of Yippy V.90. This features specified were as follows:

• Yippy Web Browser — The browser blocks millions of undesirable websites while simultaneously vetting millions of other websites in order to release Yippy-approved sites daily.
• Email Address — Tools are made available that allow users to actively manage their email to keep their system clear of unwanted traffic. Unless a user selects to keep all emails, purge tools are available to make room for only desired emails. This storage reduction helps the company reduce costs by purging spam and unneeded email in the network which in turn reduce power requirements thus vastly improving the company’s overall energy footprint.
• Free Online Storage — Yippy users can save pictures, movies and documents — with up to 5 gigabytes in storage capacity.
• Video Chat — Yippy “yappers” can have face to face calls with loved ones and friends ensuring the whole family will enjoy the application.
• Yippy Video player — This proprietary, feature-rich Yippy video player features programs from trusted media partners. Yippy’s growing library of family-friendly content provides ideal communal viewing for the family room flat screen television.
• Games — Yippy’s collection of old-school classics will soon expand to include lots of great new games over the coming weeks.
• Radio — The family can listen to the Yippy radio station which offers a wide variety of musical genres popular for the whole family.
• News — There’s local, national and international news focusing on sports, music, technology and a lot more — all appropriate reading for the under 18 community.
• Customization — Yippy gives the user customization choices and many other features such as office suite, widgets and other useful applications throughout the program with many new features and applications added daily

Yippy is a end-to-end computing solution with the child’s safety as its first priority. Through Yippy, Cinnabar is attempting to ensure that children’s online time is productive and fun, but also safe. The Company has not selected a search engine to work with as of yet, but is in the process of doing so. They assure that once a selection is made that an algorithm will be implemented that fits into the style of “child safety first” that is crucial to Yippy.

Cinnabar is a new economy technology company that develops technology and application services environments for both consumer and commercial market segments.

Cinnabar shares are presently trading at $1.90 with 15,500 shares traded today as of 3:15 PM EST.