No cities have totally avoided the foreclosure crisis, but some were able to sidestep the worst of it. These markets are now recovering quickly.

The recovery is swiftest in those areas that didn't have as much of a housing price run up to begin with, either because the economy in those areas has stayed healthy or the economy has been limited for decades and residents have adapted or left.

To identify places where the recovery has begun, Forbes magazine examined the number of loans that were foreclosed in the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Then it calculated the percentage of loans that are descending further into delinquency vs. those that are improving. The lower the deterioration ratio, the higher the ranking.

Here are the cities that fared best by that measurement and are recovering the most quickly:

1. Harrisburg-Carlisle, Pa.
2. Austin-Round Rock, Texas
3. Ogden-Clearfield, Utah
4. Buffalo, N.Y.
5. Knoxville, Tenn.
6. Raleigh, N.C.
7. San Antonio, Texas
8. Syracuse, N.Y.
9. Salt Lake City, Utah
10. Moline, Ill.
10. St. Louis
10. Wichita, Kan.
10. Rochester, N.Y.

Source: Forbes, Francesca Levy (12/09/2009)