It's cheaper to buy a home rather than rent one in 72 percent of the 50 largest U.S. cities, according to Trulia's rent vs. buy index, which compares the total cost of home ownership to the cost of renting.

Since the start of the 'Great Recession,' many former home owners have flooded the rental market, Pete Flint, CEO of Trulia, said in a news release about the index. Following the principles of supply and demand, renting has become relatively more expensive than buying in most markets.

The index compares the median sales price of homes with the median rent on two bedroom apartments, condos, and townhomes that were listed on Trulia as of Jan. 10, 2011.

Here are the top 10 cities where it's best to buy than rent, according to the index:
1. Miami
2. Las Vegas
3. Arlington, Texas
4. Mesa, Ariz.
5. Phoenix, Ariz.
6. Jacksonville, Fla.
7. Sacramento, Calif.
8. San Antonio, Texas
9. Fresno, Calif.
10. El Paso, Texas

Source: Cheaper to Buy Than to Rent in 72% of Largest U.S. Cities, Inman News (Jan. 24, 2011)