City Capital Corp., founded in 1984, is a socially conscious professional management and diversified holding company engaged in real estate investment strategies and leveraging investments, holdings and other assets to build value for investors and shareholders. The company acquires and revitalizes distressed investment opportunities in various industry segments, creating returns for its clients.

The company is ranked in the Top 100 Most Socially Conscious Companies by the Wall Street Journal. City Capital is committed to creating positive change and self-sufficiency through “socially-conscious investing that empowers communities.” These initiatives range from development and production of bio-fuels, to affordable homes for working-class families, to funding and acquisition of local businesses that support community jobs.

City Capital is led by their CEO, Ephren Taylor. Mr. Taylor has been hailed globally as a wunderkind of the business world due to his unparalleled accomplishment of becoming the youngest African American CEO of any publicly-held company. He is renown in economic development circles as someone “with the ability to make things happen when nobody else can.”

Unlike most other corporate powerhouse CEOs, Mr. Taylor is unique – he focuses on socially-conscious investing and development – while, due to his keen business acumen, strives to make profits for his investors. His approach has been compared to a national non-profit organization, but as a profit-based enterprise, City Capital is able to invest and reinvest in communities and projects across the nation.

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