• Tuareg Rebels In Niger

    Uranium Mines Fuel Power For France, Disputes For Niger

    France has been mining Niger's uranium for many years, and now the poverty-stricken West African country is demanding a fairer share.
  • 14 dead as Niger clashes with convoy from Libya

    Niger's army has clashed with a heavily armed convoy of vehicles that entered its territory from Libya, killing 13 in the convoy and suffering one casualty on its side, military sources in the West African country said on Wednesday.
  • Al Qaeda demands negotiations with Osama in return for French hostages

    Al-Qaeda demands talks with Osama in return for French hostages

    France is verifying the authenticity of a broadcast message by an al-Qaeda off-shoot demanding troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in return for the safety of their nationals kidnapped in Niger. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) also suggested direct negotiations with al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden over hostages' issue. Five French nationals along with two Africans, all employees of French firms Areva and Vinci operating in the mining town of Arlit in Niger were kidnapped on September 16.
  • Niger Tuareg rebels kidnap 4 Areva uranium workers

    The Niger Justice Movement has kidnapped four Areva uranium miners as a warning to foreign mining companies doing business in the country.