• Car Charging Group, Inc. (CCGI.OB) Partnering with Real Estate Developers to Further Widespread Adoption of Electric Vehicles

    Car Charging Group, Inc. is continuing to provide real estate developers, for example those behind Artech, with electric car charging services. Artech is a 232-residence luxury condominium complex in Aventura, Florida. Car Charging Group, Inc. now provides Artech with electric car charging services in their 800-foot-long, 5-story parking garage. The boomerang-shaped Artech complex features curvilinear floor [...]
  • Sanswire Corp. (SNSR.OB) Delivers SkySat Airship for Global Telesat Corp.

    Sanswire Corporation, based in Aventura, Florida, announced today that it has delivered a SkySat airship to Eastcor Engineering facilities in Maryland. Eastcor Engineering is a third party defense contractor that was hired through an agreement between Sanswire and Global Telesat Corporation (GTC) to conduct an inspection on the airship. Global Telesat, an industry [...]