• A picture of Anders Behring Breivik taken from a book downloaded from a link posted on the Norwegian discussion website, www.freak.no, and entitled "2083

    Was a German Clothing Store Named after Norway Killer Anders Breivik?

    A German clothing brand popular with neo-Nazis opened a store called Brevik -- which is shockingly close to the name of the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik -- in the city of Chemnitz, sending residents and politicians into a fury.
  • Bob Dylan to exhibit artwork in Denmark

    He writes, he sings, he sometimes exchanges blows in the boxing ring. But Bob Dylan is also familiar with another type of canvas as a quietly prolific painter.
  • New rail strikes looming in Germany

    After months of negotiations between Deutsche Bahn and the train driver's union GDL didn't bring a conclusion, the GDL decided to strike again. And the nearly sole operator of the extensive German railway system Deutsche Bahn issued another lawsuit to avert the strike in response. The GDL announced a nationwide rail strike for tomorrows Friday, and the labor court in the city of Chemnitz will begin the trial this afternoon. It depends on the outcome of this trial if the GDL can proceed with their plans.