• Vietnam War

    50 Years After The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident

    A look at the city once known as Saigon and the city it has become after the Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh City, capitalist metropolis.
  • Keystone XL

    Why Did Obama Approve A Pipeline But Not Keystone?

    How a new pipeline approved by Obama will help Canadian oil producers extract more tar sands.
  • Why Do So Many Indians Have Portuguese Surnames?

    Long before the British voyaged 6,000 miles to India, Portuguese sailors established a colony in India.
  • Silversea Cruises Mumbai Adventure

    Chocolate-eyed children running barefoot. Women draped in bright-orange and hot pink saris, brightening dusty gray streets. Horns honking endlessly, from chauffeur-driven Bentleys to taxis held together with spit and glue. The heat. Broiling us like well-done steaks. And crowded into every inch,
  • Clenergen Corp. (CRGE.OB) To Test Biomass-Fossil Fuel Combinations

    Clenergen Corporation, a leading biomass power developer, is working with Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd., in the city of Mangalore on the southwest coast of India, to develop power plants that will generate electricity from a blend of petcoke (60%) and biomass (40%). Initially, a 21 megawatt pilot power plant will be built in Mangalore [...]
  • Kerala : State of Serenity

    Serene, spiritual, euphoric. Boundlessly beautiful and exotic. Kerala has a way of making you too tongue-tied to describe its essence because it's all of these - and more. In the vast Indian subcontinent, where controlled chaos and swirling currents of humanity can be mind-numbing, Kerala