• Electrical Force Cloud

    Rare Footage Of 'Dancing' Clouds Proved Authentic [VIDEO]

    Rare footage of a "dancing" cumulonimbus cloud was recently proved authentic after ice crystals' electrical currents inside the cloud were discovered as being responsible for its rapid movements.
  • BWI Holdings, Inc. (BWIH.OB) Renews Contracts in Western Canadian Town

    A leading provider of waste and recycling services, BWI Holdings, Inc. was pleased to announce last month that the Town of Cochrane has elected to renew their contract with BWI Holdings, Inc., operating as Budget Waste, Inc., until January 2011. Situated about 35 kilometers northwest of Calgary, Cochrane has grown at a rate of approx. 10% [...]
  • BWI Holdings, Inc. (BWIH.OB) Renews Million Dollar Waste Contract

    BWI Holdings, Inc. was extremely pleased to announce this morning that the Town of Cochrane has decided to renew their contract for another 2 years until January 2011. The Town of Cochrane has been provided with the company’s curbside pickup for the past 3+ years. The contract has an estimated value of 1 million dollars [...]