• An employee poses with Samsung Electronics' Galaxy phones at a store in Seoul March 14, 2012.

    Insight: Samsung: 'Fast Executioner' Seeks Killer Design

    When Samsung Electronics rushed its first smartphone to market in a panicky response to the smash-hit debut of the Apple iPhone, some customers burned the product on the streets or hammered it to bits in public displays of disaffection.
  • Living on the Edge: Arequipa, PerĂº

    It's a city nestled into the cracks of danger -- a community curled up at the foot of beautiful yet perilous mountain peaks. But with all its natural threats, this South American jewel is beloved to those who inhabit it.
  • Travel to Peru: Tracing the Legacies of the Incas

    Travel to Peru and discover a captivating land of skyscraping mountain tops, vast stretches of coastal deserts, an Amazon wildlife adventure through tropical jungles, serpentine rivers full of life and beauty and the most extraordinary natural phenomena left from the pre-historic Inca civilization.