• EURJPY: Consolidation Risk Still On Course

    EURJPY- Range trading continues to dominate the cross's price action as it traded lower on Thursday within its trading range between the 110.67 and 113.40 levels. However, it remains biased to the upside nearer term and looks to resume that trend towards the 113.40 level, its Jun 21'10 high and then the 114.14 level, its Jun 03'10 high. A loss of there will accelerate further losses towards the 115.46 level, its May 18'10 high and then the 119.63 level, its Feb 25'10 high.
  • EURJPY: Continues To Digest Corrective Up Move.

    EURJPY- Having halted its corrective recovery started from the 108.06 level and turned lower on Monday, risk remains for a consolidation. With an offered tone presently seen, bear pressure could build towards the 110.85 level, its Jun 15'10 low with a cut through there targeting its 2010 low at 108.06. A halt in price decline is expected there if seen.
  • EURJPY - Daily technical Strategy 23/10/2009

    With our previous and recent calls for a trade towards and an eventual break of its symmetrical triangle top at 138.02, that level is currently under attack as the time of this analysis. On a decisive break of there, risk will turn to the 138.71 level where its Aug 07'09 high is located.
  • EURJPY - Weekly technical Strategy

    Having maintained a third week of upside gains following its failure below its triangle bottom at 130.24 and subsequent recovery higher, the cross now looks to build on those gains with eyes on the breakout of the mentioned symmetrical triangle. If this is seen, scope for further higher prices will shape towards the 138.71 level with a loss of there paving the way for a run at the 139.26 level, its YTD high.
  • Continued Price Momentum Highlights The 13742 Level

    As EURJPY invalidated the 132.35 level, its May 01’09 high the past week to close higher at 134.26, pressure has started building up for further upmove towards the 137.42 level, representing its April 06’09 high.