• Jamaican Bobsled Team

    Jamaican Bobsled Team To Compete In Sochi

    A two-man Jamaican bobsled team will compete at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.
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    Jamaican Bobsled Team Poised To Compete In Sochi

    The 2014 team is just two men, whittled down because of logistical and financial difficulties.
  • Homeless Heir Timothy Henry Gray Stood To Inherit Fortune Of Huguette Clark, New York Railroad Heiress

    Timothy Henry Gray, a homeless man described as transient, reportedly stood to inherit a large portion of New York railroad heiress Huguette Clark’s fortune.
  • Many U.S. companies ailing despite economic recovery

    The number of U.S. companies filing for bankruptcy has plunged and financing is easier to get, but restructuring experts see plenty of trouble ahead in corporate America.
  • Chicago Foreclosed Homes for Sale Get Attention of Aldermen

    Chicago foreclosed homes for sale are now the focus of aldermen in the city as several of them complained that the neighborhoods they represent are not receiving any help from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds received by the city.
  • Architecture Coach: Small-Home Living

    More buyers are being lured to the simplicity and affordability that small homes bring. Plus, these smaller homes are often situated within walking distance to restaurants, stores, and shops.
  • Split-Level Homes: Outdated or Underrated?

    They often get a bad rap, but split-level homes have many perks buyers will appreciate, starting with affordability.
  • Architecture Coach: Making the Old New Again

    Architectural styles that have withstood the test of time continue to appeal to buyers, as they discover that a piece of history can add some extra charm to even a newer home.
  • The Daily Resource 03/19/2009

    Precious MetalsGold was slightly lower from Hong Kong to the New York open on Wednesday, then declined sharply to near the noon hour, bottoming at $884, traded sideways through the Comex, but then got a rocket launch during the first hour of Globex trading, shot skyward by more than $50 in two hou...
  • Kellogg's Fifth Annual Super Bowl Advertising Review

    How will advertisers perform during economic hardship? Results available immediately following the game
  • The Daily Resource 01/13/2009

    Good morning … Precious MetalsGold was steady until the beginning of the London session on Monday, when it began declining, a fall that turned into a near $20 plunge in the first few minutes in New York, yet that was not the bottom as the metal kept on sliding lower until it finally went flat...
  • The Daily Resource 06/27/2008

    Precious MetalsFinally, it was hold onto your hat time with gold yesterday, as it started advancing after the mid-point of London trading and really achieved lift-off when New York opened, rising virtually without pause through both the NYMEX and Globex to finish at $916.80/oz., up $31.50. Overnig...
  • The Daily Resource 06/06/2008

    Precious MetalsGold had another lackluster day, slumping to $865 just after New York opened, then making its way higher in fits and starts, finishing just into positive territory at $878.00/oz., up 60 cents. Overnight, gold has fallen off.Platinum also bottomed in the first hour of New York tradin...
  • The Daily Resource 05/29/2008

    Precious MetalsGold, which was up a bit in the far East, plummeted from $910 to $889 once London opened, but from there it forged higher through the New York trading day, to finish at $899.90/oz., down $4.40. Overnight, gold has continued to decline.Platinum also tried to recover its European los...
  • Gold futures extend rise early after 28-yr high

    U.S. gold futures rose early on Wednesday on strong follow-through buying and inflationary worries, extending gains from Tuesday when gold contracts surged to a 28-year high after the Federal Reserve half-percentage point rate cut.